Monday, May 17, 2010

Hot Tracks - The Hype Machine

So like many people I know. I myself enjoy a wide range of music but never seem to find to time to get that great song or album I heard. When I actually take the time to update my music collection I tend to draw a complete blank on where to start. This site isn't for every music lover but should appeal to many. Enjoy!!!

The Hype Machine

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Portal The Game Is Now Free

What used to cost money no longer does, at least until the 24th of May. Portal's a great game and I recommend any gamer out there to give it a try.. you can't loose it's free!

Go Here To Download The Full Verion Of Portal For Free!

Sima USB Multicable with Firewire

$5.99 + $5sh

Interested... Well you better hurry, this will sell out quick! - Click Here To Buy

Free Google Voice Accounts - Students Only

If you happen to be a college student or still have access to your school (.edu) email account. Your one of the many lucky people that can get a Google Voice invite instantly. Well almost, within 24hrs..

Click Here To Get Your Invite NOW!

So How Does Google Protect Your Data?

Finally Google took the time to write up a nice little article explaining the benefits of storing your sensitive important data on Google's servers.

Google's Disaster Recovery Measures

So you stored some file's on Google and want them back....

It's as simple as visiting this website:  Data Libeberation

DocVerse - Collaboration In Microsoft Office 2010 (Just Like Google Docs)

DocVerse Homepage - Did I mention Google recently purchased this company, odd....

     OK, so if you know me. I'm not in any way a Microsoft fan. I of course use some of their products just like anyone else but I do prefer open source or Google Products and Apps. I also understand however that in some ways Microsoft's products are just plain superior! I'm not going to go into a lengthly review of this product. Instead I found two great blogs about it and I strongly recommend reading them both. Don't worry there not that long :)  -  Lukedwards